General Condo Living Etiquette

A Few Things you should NEVER do when you live in a condo:

Anywhere you choose to live, whether it be a low-rise home on a quiet suburban street or in the heart of downtown in a 40-storey high rise tower, it’s always important to be respectful of your neighbours. Keeping that in mind, we want to share a list of a few things you should never do when you live in a condo.

If you are already enjoying condo living lifestyle, you probably are aware of a few of these points. If you do any of them, please try to cease them. If you plan on moving into a condo for the first time, please keep these points in mind so you can be a respectful resident & neighbour.

1) NEVER disgard cigarettes off your balcony

If you choose to smoke on your balcony, use an ashtray and either bring the ashtray inside or cover it so the wind does not blow the ashes and butts off your balcony. Disgarding cigarettes on the ground or on someone else’s property is littering and it can also be dangerous. Cigarettes that are still burning can melt plastic & are often the cause of balcony fires.

2) NEVER leave refuse in the garbage chute or room

In most condos, each floor has a small room where you access the garbage chute. New condos have a sorter so you can dispose of compost, garbage, and recyclables. Occasionally, the chute may be out of service. If the chute is not working you must take your garbage back to your unit to be dropped off later or personally carry it to the garbage room yourself.

3) NEVER be too loud after 11PM

Most condos have their own set of rules, but generally, any noise after 11 pm is unacceptable. In most new condos, the soundproofing is excellent, but people have the ability to get pretty loud, whether they are playing music, talking with people or watching TV at a high volume.

4) NEVER store possessions in the hall or in your parking space

Your belongings do not belong outside your suite in the common areas. If you leave your belongings outside your door in the hallway your things may get stolen, damaged or can be a safety hazard for children or pets. Generally, your belongings should not affect other Residents free passage in the common areas. These area only a few of the major reasons you should never store your possessions in common areas.

5) NEVER open the door for strangers

Please do not feel you are being rude by not allowing strangers into a building. Letting people into a building that you do not know or have not seen before can be a major safety issue. Condos are private residences, so the person entering must be a verified visiter. If the condo has a concierge, it is their responsibility to open the doors for these people & verfiy who they are before allowing them entrance into the building. If you see a stranger trying to follow you into the builing once you open the door for yourself, you should politely ask them to buzz in so that a resident can let them into the building or they can register as a guest with security.

6) NEVER takeover an elevator  

In the condo world safe elevator usage is critical for proper building operation. If you take an elevator to help you move a series of items in or out of your suite, it puts the remaining lifts, if any in higher demand. You should always reserve the service elevator if you know you are going to need it. Please do not inconvenience your neighbours with unscheduled moves.

Please always be as respectful as possible when you live in a condo or anywhere else for that matter. Think about your actions before you do them & consider if they may affect someone else negatively, if they do please reconsider. Be respectful & try to  live in harmony with your fellow condo dwellers.

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